Sometimes distance can close the gap.  Here my oldest daughter is working on the bouquet for her younger sister’s wedding.  A collection of broaches have been collected from family and purchased to add to the burlap flowers, she made. Although she won’t be able to make the wedding in May, her handiwork and daughter will represent her.  The above pics in the early working stages.


Hauers Pass Me By


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

I’ve stared Mona Lisa in the eyes and smiled back, holding her gaze.

I’ve been to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where my blood ran green, past the depths of red light waves.

I’ve lost friends, some I never had the chance to say goodbye to. I’ve gained some I never would’ve met, while abroad.

All Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time, Like Tears In Rain.

Rutger, you do not disappoint…..



Healthy Halloween

Some healthy treats for this All Hallows Eve, cause you’ll for sure be swimming in sugary foods. :)

3 Ingredient Halloween Apple Bites:

Orange Pumpkin Treats:


How to roast Perfect Pumpkin Seeds:

Ectoplasmic Smoothie:

Veggie Dog “Mummies”:

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